Making Holiday Hunger a Thing of the Past

Feedback from Families

We are always glad to hear from families and here are some excerpts of what they have to say.


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Feedback from our Summer Programme 2023

It's gone by very quickly this time, and to think this will very likely be our last visit!! 😱 a decade + from start to finish! From meals in the canteen with odd bits from the Food bank to what in comparison, seems a fairly well oiled 'production' of todays collection. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your hard work in organising and putting the projects together. And for the help and support, physically, financially AND emotionally, that has been offered boundlesly. From the times I've walked in and walked back out again, from the times I've come and cried to the times we laugh and joke! Every one of your volunteers have been amazing!!

Never once have I felt judged or belittled, just loved and cared for! Thank you.

I shall miss you all!



Feedback from our Summer Programme 2022

“Really grateful for this, 3 young boys can be expensive to feed through the holidays.”
“What you all do is amazing. It really helps alleviate worries over the holidays. It enables me to cook varied meals for my children and means they have full bellies. I really can’t thank you enough.”
“Thank you so much for all that you do. So welcoming to collect our food parcels each week and such a tremendous help for my family. The fridge bag is great. I have made some great meals with what is provided.”
“It has been an absolute Godsend to have this service and we can’t thank you enough. We have looked on the charity’s website and now have a better understanding of the wonderful service and support you provide.” 
“I would just like to say thank you very much for everything it honestly does really help.”
“Really pleased with the service and very grateful of the help and support given to my family.”


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